Stalking and Still Waiting Hunts for Wild Boars (1-5 hunters)


Our guides will bait the hunting area 2 weeks before the hunt starts. There are bait places for every guest and the baits are widely distributed so that the hunting ground is not under stress. You can get information about the size of our hunting areas by clicking hunting grounds on our main web page. The approximate fang size of trophies during our hunting parties is 22.7 cm. Each day our guide will check the places where the baits have been placed. Our guides take their job very seriously and active bait points are constantly tracked then, according to the obtained information an approach plan is made. 


Before the hunt gets underway, our guests are always taken for a test shoot. On hunting day the bait points to be visited will be determined. The hunt is not exhausting and every guest is assigned a 4 wheel drive vehicle, a driver and a guide. We always try to get as close to the bait points by car wherever possible then continue the approach by walking with the guide. 


Night walks are approximately 2-3 km on flat ground. During this walk between 5 and15 bait points are visited and it is possible that you will be able to target anything up to 3 wild boars during these walks. Due to the well inhabited terrain that you will be visiting, it is almost impossible not to fire a rifle during the hunts we organise! The most important element is to stalk, so we kindly ask our guests to bring their silent shoes along with them. When a wild boar is encountered at the baiting area, our guide will set up the tripod and show the wild boar to the guest. Then the guest only needs to place his rifle on the tripod and shoot the wild boar. The night continues the same way by visiting other bait points. The wild boars shot during the hunt will be collected and prepared for the photo shoot the next day.


Our company owns the hunting grounds on the Mediterranean coast (in Fethiye and Bodrum). Here our guests can stay on deluxe type gulets or yachts and combine their hunting period with a unique holiday experience, or arrive with their families and enjoy luxury coastal hotels to have an unforgettable beach holiday.


Schedule of the Week


There are several international flights a day from many EU countries and, once landed in Turkey, our hunting reserves are within easy travelling distance from the airport.

Day 1: You will be met at the airport by a representative from TROFE Hunting Safaris. Guests who choose to bring their own rifles will need to clear them for entry into Turkey at the Customs Office at the airport. This procedure will take about 30 minutes and will be facilitated by one of our staff. 

We manage our transfers by V.I.P shuttle buses and, depending on your destination the journey will take between 1-3 hours. After checking into the hotel it will be possible to have a test shoot if there is enough time before dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast - Test shooting to prove the rifles (if not done the day before) - Lunch- Leisure time - Dinner (19:00-19:30) - Hunting (20:00-02:00)

Day 3: Late breakfast (09:30) - photo shooting with the wild boars killed the night before - Lunch-Leisure time – Dinner (19:00-19:30) - Hunting (20:00-02:00)

Day 4: Late breakfast (09:30) - photo shooting with the wild boars, killed the night before - Lunch-Leisure time-Dinner (19:00-19:30) - Hunting (20:00-02:00)

Day 5: Late breakfast (09:30) - photo shooting with the wild boars, killed the night before - Lunch-Leisure time – Dinner (19:00-19:30) - Hunting (20:00-02:00)

Day 6: Breakfast (0930) – Transfer to the airport - Custom clearance of the rifles (if necessary) with the assistance of our guides



Important Note: To complement and enhance your holiday experience, TROFE Hunting Safaris picks the best restaurants to introduce our guests to delicious and traditional Turkish cuisine at mealtimes. In addition, according to our guests’ wishes we can organise visits to places of great archaeological or historical interest such at Pamukkale or Ephesus. We can also provide entertaining activities for all the family including daily boat tours (fishing is possible), paragliding and seaside tours during the free hours of hunting days.