"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle





In 2002 while based in Istanbul, I had the privilege of establishing TROFE Hunting Safaris. From that day on we have become the company of choice for those wishing to experience an authentic hunting experience in this magnificent country.


Customers who choose TROFE Hunting Safaris do so because we understand their desires and aspirations to enjoy an authentic hunting experience and bag the trophy of their dreams while hunting in vast and natural hunting grounds. At the same time we ensure that our customers have comfortable and hospitable accommodations so we only choose the best guest houses and hotels in the region  where the warmth of traditional Turkish hospitality is matched only by the comfort of the beds. This is the reason that 50% of our participants are repeat guests who have come as customers but always leave as friends.


Since our first step into professional hunting we have strived to re-inforce our high quality equipment and our skilful and cheerful guide staff. We have been always leaders in searching for good hunting reserves and we still continue to lead where others can only choose to follow.  Please look at our photo gallery and you will see that our guests are experiencing successful hunting at very high quality locations - this is how we know that TROFE Hunting Safaris can guarantee you successful hunting.


I would like to personally thank all our skillful guides who have been with us on our journey to success over many years. It is they who have helped gain us the reputation for being the very best in our endeavours. TROFE Hunting Safaris are very lucky to serve the world’s best quality guests with the best quality guides in Turkey and I know that those of you who have been hunting with before and who are with us again will wholeheartedly agree that, as a team, we deliver!


Good Hunting...



TROFE Hunting Safaris

Director General